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good evening. i'm dan ashley. there is a minute-by-minute crisis at a severely damaged nuclear plant in japan. right now, emergency workers are risking their lives to prevent a complete nuclear meltdown. crews began the first of four helicopter water drops. at the same time, workers on
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the ground are using a water cannon meant for riots to shoot water directly into one of the reactors. it is a desperate last ditch effort to keep spent nuclear fuel rods from melting. in a potentially troubling sign white steam was again seen rising from three of the reactors. radiation levels at the plant dangerously high. japan's electric company is working desperately to reconnect power at the plant today. meantime, damning reports about the owner of the japanese power plant. accord to the australian, the owner falsified safety data and said in 1989 tokyo electric injected air into the containment vessel of a reactor number one to lower the leak rate and when caught apologized for "dishonest practices." now, abc's martha raddatz with the latest on the last ditch effort to saint planet.
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50 workers inside the plant working in the dark with nothing but flash lights wearing overalls and heavy hazardous suits, trying to put out toxic fires with a hose. we are told it is like a horror movie, fighting a monster you cannot see, you cannot touch but you know is coming to get you. tonight, new pictures of the destruction at the reactor building burned out from fires. europe's energy commissioner saying there is talk of apocalypse and i think that word is particularly well chosen. here is what is so worrying. at reactor one, 70% of the fuel rods are damaged and reactor number three, smoke is billowing out. an explosion blew out the roof and outer walls, likely cracking the critical containment stress that will holds the nuclear material in. at reactor are two, smoke seeing out.
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explosion there also believed to have cracked that container around the vessel that holds the red hot nuclear core and reactor four you can see it damaged by fire, even out of use fuel rods in a critical state, the pool supposed to cool them may be out of water which would lead to the release of plumes of radioactivity. a hail mary type attempt to dump water into the pool with helicopters was called off because of too much radiation. all in all, an unprecedented calamity. if the two damaged containers with their five feet of cement reinforced by steel, if they gave way there will be no way to cool the core. it will melt down, bleed out and also send toxic nuclear clouds into the air. everything depends on those walls holding. some radiation is already seeing out. people lined up to be tested, frustration and worry mounting. this mother saying i worry so
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much, radiation cannot be seen. outside the plant levels spike to the equivalent of having ten thousand x-rays in an hour and faint levels are being measured as far as 70 miles away. >> that is martha raddatz reporting. the united nations issued a forecast of the possible, possible movement of the radioactive plume. their prediction calls for the plume to reach southern california late friday. health and nuclear experts emphasize here that the radiation levels woulda diminish as it travels across the pacific. today in response to japan's nuclear crisis the epa deployed an additional 40 radiation monitors around the pacific rim. one of the reasons it says is to reassure americans about their safety.
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meantime, one nuclear expert and former congressional advisor talks about how much radiation could reach the united states and what is causing the highest concern tonight. >> the worst problem right now is that spent fuel pod. we haven't been talking a lot about that. but when that catches fire and if there is no water in the pond it will catch fire that will spew heavy radio active smoke out to the area and it that could force the evacuation of the workers and they won't be there to try to keep the water levels up in the reactors so you could start to see the cores two and number three melt. i don't know number one reactor would probably go as well and then you might have the other fuel pools also catch fire once they get drained of water. you are look at a serious situation. the radio activity would spread over hundreds perhaps thousands of scare kill lee mow meters. this radio activity is very
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unlikely to reach the united states except in trace amounts. >> a former congressional advisor and a nuclear expert. what about the brave emergency workers and the dangers of those smoldering reactors? >> they are the nameless brave souls who volunteered or perhaps have been asked to be the last lines of defense because they have specific skills and nerves of steel. five workers have already died, two missing after the latest fire and two dozen injured. >> nuclearerts say the skeleton crew are not managers but probably technicians men who have the schemeatics of the plant in their head. they have gone into battle crawling at times through dark mazes armed with flash lights and radiation detectors wearing those full body hazmat suits, breathing through oxygen tanks. all the while, potentially dead doses of radiation around them. the suits protecting their
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airways but doing pressure little to prevent radiation from seen into their bodies. >> i think they would put themselves at search risks just like our are military puts themselves at risk to accomplish a mission. >> they fought fires, one apparently sparked by fuel oil when pa worker had to walk away from a diesel generator. they are trying to douse flames and pouring see water on to the reactor through make shift water pumps. radiation sickness steps in after exposure to a thousand milliliters at once. they are facing up to 8,000 times that. that is more radiation than a u.s. work wore face in a career and what experts consider lethal. people sent tributes via tweets. one man wrote whatever the closest equivalent of a noble pride they deserve that and more. these are likely men with
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wives, children facing their own perils outside the zone. they wait and watch from afar and worry. >> their dedication to their country and work and fellow person is really demonstrated a willingness to work through the trying conditions to protect both the country of japan and their fellow citizens. >> rescue specialists arrived in japan today. they came from the united states, britain and china. local officials welcomed them with heartfelt appreciation. >> thank you very much. i would like to express our thanks. >> the teams break into small groups to begin search for tsunami victims moving on only after marking the spots they have checked for any signs of life. >> the first time we have been able to see anything. to be honest, it will be a very long job and big job for them and we will do the best we can. >> as rescue and recovery efforts continue in japan.
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an incredible story about how a japanese exchange student here in california discovered her family's fate through you tube. she spent three days online searching for any signs of her family. they live in a small fishing village where more than half of the residents are missing and feared dead. she lost all hope until she received a message from a friend in japan about a you tube video. >> my friends called me in japan and she said i think it is your sister and she said they all survived and she said please tell my younger sister in america we all survived. >> imagine her relief. she is using the internet to try to let her relatives know that she has seen their message and is thankful to them for thinking of her when they are dealing with this tragedy.
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the california state university system decided to pull all of its students out of japan. they are there as part of the study abroad program and the university of california system is debating whether to call its students back home. more from lyanne melendez. >> san francisco state has 12 students in japan attending classes at six universities there. four more students were with b. to travel to japan. for now, the program has been put on hold. >> there was concerns about shortages perhaps happening or problems becoming a little more complicated as time goes on so we felt for the safety of our students it would be best to have them return to california. >> the sf state students are in the tokyo and kioto area. none of them were studying in the hardest hit areas or near the unfolding disaster at the nuclear reactors. those taking classes are majoring in international
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studies at sf state say studying abroad is an eye opening experience. >> new information and new quality of life and you are basically just mesmerized by how people live outside of the united states. >> others believe it would be beneficial for those students to stay in japan. >> being able to immerse in the society and be a part of this rebuilding process for japan is s. a once in a lifetime thing and if i was over there at time i would really want to be part of that. >> reporter: students here are have been collecting money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. there are 178 stew tents from japan attending sf state. the university has reached out to them. meanwhile the uc system has yet to decide what to do with their students. there are 80 of them enrolled in programs there. >> what is happening right now is we are in touch with all of the students and the education abroad program is in contact
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with every program that these kids are in and they are making decisions right now about whether or not they will continue in that program. >> the 80 students are currently enrolled at 6 universities in japan, two of them have already been closed. at sf state, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. and we will have more on japan later on in the evening. for now we will move on. coming up here, showdown in sacramento. lawmakers take some action on the governor's budget cutting proposal with his tax extension plan waiting in the wings. should banks be held accountable for the foreclosure crisis? i'm mike shumann. on your side.xplore that ahead7 get ready for serious rain at the end of the week. i'll have all of the details in my seven-day forecast. the news at 9:00 continues the news at 9:00 continues after this
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california regulators will fine pg&e up to $1 million a day for failing to turn over documents. pg&e filed a report that left out a number of documents. pg&e says it can't find them. the california public utilities commission wants to make sure the aging pipes are running at safe pressure levels following the san bruno explosion back in september. the missing records include transmission lines that run beneath some of the state's largest cities. in amount sacramento governor brown and state
9:16 pm
lawmakers working late on the bug. tonight they are taking action health ishimaru nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> dozens of developmentally disabled adults and care givers staged a rally just before the budget vote, hoping to save their programs. adult home did daycare is slad for huge cuts. heidi spalding is crossing her fingers. >> are you afraid of this budget vote? >> yes. >> she will be losing her ihs. and losing they are day program. she will basically be loser her life. >> reporter: the proposal to cut $12.5 billion from social programs will likely be one of the first decide. >> i'm not happy about it. in fact, a lot of the cuts
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sicken me. i can't imagine making them in any other time. but it is a $25 billion deficit and these are serious times. >> reporter: state budgets can now be passed on a simple majority, democrats want a two thirds vote so that the spending cuts can be enacted right away. though republicans have been pushing for smaller government they are not sure are about the proposed cuts. >> these are the democrats cuts, they ar not our cuts. in fact, we would go first at things like pension reform. >> the controversial proposal to put the tax extensions on a june ballot will be voted on last. a poll shows that 61% of registered voters surveyed said they want a special election and 36% preferred the legislature hammer out solutions without a special election. and if a special election were held today, continuing the expiring sales and income taxes as one of the vehicles license
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fees would be approved. governor brown is working the hall ways himself, trying to line up votes for the other parts of his budget plan. he is talking to members of both parties, arm twisting. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. want to go back to our top story tonight. breaking news out of japan we are getting into the newsroom. the united states has just moments ago begun evacuating family members of some american personnel in japan. the state department say parentally is bringing in charter plans to help those americans leave the country immediately. the concern is the danger from radiation exposure from the bad did i damaged nuclear power plant which is in a state of crisis now as they desperately try to cool those fuel rods and keep the plant from a full-blown meltdown. the latest word is the united states is going to begin shuffling airplanes in and out of japan to get american personnel and family of personnel out of harm's way in
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japan. a mud slide closed highway 1 near big, sir indefinitely. it took out a 40-foot chunk tonight. northbound traffic closed at bixbie bridge. the closure will last at least several days if not longer. a hassle there at big sur. spencer christian is here with of rain.her. that did not help the situation. >> that is true. a strange phenomenon today called sunshine. >> odd yellow thing in the sky. >> won't be around much longer. more rain coming our way. a live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville. skies partly cloudy for the most part around the bay area. pleasant evening as we give you a little bit of a panoramic view. temperature readings relatively mile. up north, 49 degrees at napa. 49 fairfield.
9:20 pm
47 santa rosa. 49 los gatos. all of the locations are in the 50s and these are the highlights. a chance of showers mainly in the north bay tomorrow. rainy and windy on friday with a chance of thunder. and snow levels up to 3,000 feet on saturday. some of the highest daily peaks might see a little snow. satellite and radar composite image shows the crumbling frontal system that moved through yesterday. a break behind the system today. here comes the next potential rainmaker for tomorrow from the north bay and just a slight chance of showers. but this next system is a much more vigorous storm system likely to produce significant rainfall for the entire bay area on friday. we'll start the forecast animation at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon at which point most locations dry. rain way up north and then later in the afternoon and into the evening hours we will see a little spot. >> rain developing mainly in the north bay as the evening rush begins. overnight tomorrow night into friday morning the rain gets more organized.
9:21 pm
by 5:00 friday morning the start of rush hour, rain in the north bay. a lot heavier in the morning hours. southward and eastward and cover many of the bay area by late friday. friday afternoon and late afternoon and evening we will see some showers and rainfall totals will be pretty significant in some spots. north bay between 3/4-inch and an inch and a half by 5:00 p.m. friday. east bay 4/10 to 8/10. south bay a quarter inch to a half inch. in the sierra, storm watch in effect. 6 to 12 inches of snow there above 5,000 feet. 1 to 2 feet of snow above 7,000 feet and in the bay area a high surf advisory in effect. west northwest wells up to 14 to 16 feet. could produce strong rip currents and possibly minor
9:22 pm
coastal flooding. take a look at the lows tonight. going to be chilly in parts of the north bay. inland valleys in the north bay will see lows in the mid to upper 30s at santa rosa, clover dale and napa. also over the east bay at liver more, lows of 38 degrees and 39 down south at morgan hill. a look at highs for tomorrow. start the day with some sun before the showers begin. highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. similar range of highs near monterey bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. showers developing possibly in the north bay tomorrow. rain on friday. heavy at times. showers on saturday. later on sunday the beginning of spring. showers on monday and the chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. so tomorrow early day, sunnily break is maybe the only sunny break we will see for awhile. >> that will be our brief bit of luck of the irish. >> yes, it is. >> heavy weight support for the american hikers still being held in ira hey marcel, watch this!
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the obama administration is flying spy drones over mexico to keep an eye on drug traffickers. the u.s. will share any information with mexican law enforcement. the mexican president agreed to the flights when met with president obama on march 3. the legality of the flights is in question by critics because mexico's constitution forbids foreign militaries to operate within its territory in extremely limited situations. so the debate is whether over this calls as one of those limited situations. one of the world's best snowplow muslims is fighting for -- best known muslims is fighting for the freedom of two
9:26 pm
american hijackers jailed in iran. muhammad ali cent a letter asking for the release of the former berkeley students. they have been held on spy charges since 2009. the third hiker sarah shourd of oakland was released last year. he asks them to show mercy and compassion to the hikers. >> a narrow escape for two police officers in st. louis, missouri. watch this tape. police were called in to direct traffic after two separate freeway accidents. a third scent happene accidentn a motorist flowed into the patrol car. >> there was poor drainage and water bubbles up on the pavement and we have a lot of hydroplaning and it gets real slick and there is water usually always on the pavement. >> the patrol car was empty at the time. one officer jumped over the center median to get out of the way and the other ran down the highway as the patrol car spun
9:27 pm
around wildly. out of the three accidents one person is hurt and expected to be okay. very close call. >> when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here tonight. snowfall now in japan. tonight the search for survivors six days after massive earthquake there. a new look for at the potential for a catastrophic earthquake in the bay area and the city that has done the most preparation for it. a cia contractor is released from a pakistany prison. plus, the latest on3q traffic on your carpet really ads up when you just vacuum. with resolve high traffic foam, your carpets get truly clean. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone and neutralizes odors for clean and fresh carpets. resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. like men's polos in every color! just $9.99. half off juniors arizona bottoms
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good evening. glad you are with us. start this half hour on the ground in japan. many japanese are trying to leave. these two children wait to evacuate with their parents. snow covers miles debris. meantime, the grueling work goes on looking for any signs of life six days after the quake. in one town, all that is left is a replica of the statue of liberty. more tonight from diane sawyer. >> reporter: rescue teams calling out, probing the new snow tonight as the temperatures drop. we there were with one team. there are voices saying any one here. >> you get a sense of immensity of what they have to try to do. it's inconceivable.
9:31 pm
>> at times the team, joined by family members. this aunt looking for her nephew one step at a time. and this family crying out, a loved one still trapped below. the teen squeezes into narrow cracks and calls into the rubble. nearby, there are always makemist morgues. it is where a husband comes every day searching for his wife. he checks the list of the dead first. then the living. his wife was last seen here in front of her cousin's house. she handed her children to relatives moments before being swept down the street. tonight he huddles with his children in the car repair shop. his children saying let's go find mommy today and if we don't find her today we'll find her tomorrow. he says that is what gives him strength to go on. in another part of the devastation, a soldier prays alongside a woman, both
9:32 pm
searching for survivors. outside in the freezing cold, they build fires to stay warm. and after the anguish about the gigantic human toll, the japanese said they are worried, too, about their family friends, their dog, their pets. today we heard the story of a dog who raced toward rescue workers and led them back to a wounded dog, both safe, still together tonight. and in village after village in the afternoon, at 5:00 a song plays over the speakers. ♪ in the village, a song you will recognize, a song about -- >> diane sawyer reporting. the giant quake in japan is compelling all of to us take a look at the risks that we live with here every day. the two biggest earthquake
9:33 pm
falls in the bay area are the hayward and san andreas. today we looked into how likely it is to happen in the near future. >> reporter: the 1989 quake in san francisco was 6.9. scientists expect a 6.7 or larger within the next 30 years and it it happens on the and andreas fault it could be as strong as the 7.8 quake of 1906. >> there would be he tens of thousands of buildings badly damaged. there would be 250,000 san franciscoians perhaps on that order who would not be able to return are to their homes. >> reporter: tom tobin is segui yes technical engineer who just finished a study commissioned by the city of san francisco. the city he said is particularly vulnerable. >> the characteristic is that the ground floor where there is parking or where there are businesses is weaker than the floors above. >> the study warned the city
9:34 pm
that 90% of its buildings are residential and that is where most of the risk exists. the bay area's other major fault is the hayward which lies directly benext the most densely populated part of the east bay in would be a very near source earthquake with shaking from the south of fremont up toward pinole. >> reporter: it is capable of a 7.3 and is overdue. the fault has a shift every 137 years and it has been 143 since the last one. her specialty is construction practices in japan and the u.s. she says the city of berkeley has done a relatively good job of giving home p owners incentives to get prepared. >> to bolt their foundation down. to put in sheer walls. to stiffen up that chimney. >> but she adds many other communities have put off measures. >> and the result is if we had
9:35 pm
a major seismic event we have less confidence that our buildings would be able be to shelter us. >> sums up this way saying there is no top end on earthquakes but there is a limit on what we are willing to spend and in this recession she sees the retrofit expenditures being pushed off into the future. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. back overseas to bahrain. at least four people are dead after government forces charged in the capital center square and cleared it of protesters. video is surfacing of government forces shooting point blank and unarmed protesters. the demonstrators mainly shi'ites who oppose the bahrain sunny rulers occupied pearl square for a month. the government was no longer willing to tolerate them after
9:36 pm
it tee clared a state of emergency tuesday. >> to libya where britain and france are calling for a vote before the united nations security council on a no fly zone to prevent libya's mill tare arery in firing on its protesters. the new york times says that four of it reporters are missig in libya including pulitzer price winner anthony shadid and farrell. photographers that have covered afghanistan and the middle east for norman a decade. the group was last heard are from yesterday morn. the new york times says it has spoken with official with the libyan government and that efforts are underway now locate these four missing journalists. secretary of state hillary clinton is denying that the united states paid blood money to pakistan to get the release. clinton said "the united states
9:37 pm
did not pay any come pentax. the families of the victims of the incident on january 27th decided to pardon mr. davis and we are great for their decision. davis was released from a pakistani jail after being accused of murdering two pakistanis injuries he says he was acting in self-defense. >> reporter: his arrest threat ped the entire u.s. relationship with pakistan but today raymond davis is free and these two wearily allies can move on. he was a cia officer who shot two people working forpakistan. in this cell phone video you can see the anger of the crowd after he was arrested and the anger continued on the streets. the people protesting u.s. policy here. the anger scared government which kept him in jail for weeks even though the u.s. says he had diplomatic immunity. even the families of those
9:38 pm
killed told me last month they wouldn't rest until davis was dead. blood for blood a brother of the man who grave his kilt says. today the familiarries accepted nearly $2.5 million to pardon davis. >> the united states welcomes the release of mr. davis. >> and behind the scenes a secret deal between u.s. and pakistan intelligence officials to share more information about u.s. spies and try and prevent another incident like this one. still, this is ancestrier in pakistan. today, protests across a handful of cities. the u.s. and pakistan can now focus on more important matters and raymond davis no longer has to sit in a high security pri season to face charges of murder. coming up next, the price tag on california's foreclosure crisis. and a new campaign to hold the banks accountable for it. i'll be back.
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even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. a vote may come as early as tomorrow on a bill that would take away federal funding for npr. the bill by republican doug landborn would eliminate
9:42 pm
government support for the public radio network but allow stations to use federal money for administrative purposes. funding has been under increased scrutiny since a video surfaced of a fund raising executive disparaging the tea party movement. the congressman expects the legislation to pass the house. the cost of foreclosure on california taxpayers at 650 political dollars. three bills were introduced that its authors say would force banks to share responsibility for that cost. more from 7 on your side's michael finney. >> refund, california. >> reporter: union members and housing advocates marched through the san francisco civic center. they say the cost of foreclosure goes beyond the loss of homes. >> over 1.2 million californians have lost their homes due to foreclosure. the massive wealth lost for the
9:43 pm
people of california. >> reporter: a report by the home defenders league says the state has lost $632 billion alone in home values. translate into $3.8 billion in lost property tax revenue and adds $17 billion in costs for evictions, inspections, trash removal and other public services. >> we don't accept the notion that people are losing their homes because there is nothing else that could be done. more should have been done. >> reporter: foreclosures have cost contra costa county taxpayers $736 million. alameda $582 million to foreclosures and santa clara with $411 million in lost revenue. three bills introduced in the state legislature hope to stem the tide of foreclosure. it would charge banks a fee of $20,000 for each foreclosure. banks are calling it an unfair
9:44 pm
tax. it would require banks to complete the loan modification process before continuing with a foreclosure process. and ae 1321 would require banks to disclose who really owns the mortgage. san francisco assessor phil king is sponsoring that legislation. >> it is really common sense bill. right now people get a loan they actually have no idea who actually owns that loan which makes it difficult to get modification. >> the california bankers association opposes all three bills. it called the foreclosure fee and new loan modification rules nothing more than a delay tactic to stretch out the foreclosure process. it said the bills ignore the economic factor of some borrowers. the demonstrators marched in the civic center at chase bank saying chase has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. chase says they have helped 60,000 struggling borrowers.
9:45 pm
the protesters left the bank peacefully without any arrests and we will keep you posted on the progress of all three bills in the legislature. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. one of the state letts largest health insurance companies is backing away from major are rate hike. san francisco based blue shield of california has withdrawn its plan to increase premiums on individual policies by an average of 30% starting may 1. it would have been the third increase since october. blue shield says it wants to keep its coverage affordable. they host $27 million on individual policies last year and expects to lose it says even more this year. to movers and shakers in business. coming up next, why netflix may be the next
9:46 pm
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taxes are going up in april in 14 california cities, maybe yours. in the bay area, eler is retoe and union city will have the highest sales tax rates in the state. ten and a quarter percent followed by san leandro at 10 percent. go up a quarter percent in santa rosa and half a percent in nevado and tracy.
9:49 pm
all approved by voters in november. first it was blockbuster and now netflix seems to be setting its sights on cable. they are trying to buy the internet streaming right foss a 26 episode drama starring kevin spacey. it as bold step in a new direction nor netflix popular individual you subscription service. if the deal goes through netflix will be an even bigger threat to pay television channels like hbo. there are reports something is brewing between pete's and the world's largest coffee based chains. rumors between them and starbucks have been floating out for awhile. according to deal reporter the talks have become more serious in recent months but petes may still end up being sold to another company. we'll see. back to a forecast and the rain may not last it sounds
9:50 pm
like, spencer. >> it is true. the nice break for us -- by the way, speaking of rain, talk about the season today and look at where we stand with respect to the average rainfall totals injuries we are above average over most of the bay area. san jose is below the average. the know pack statewide is looking good. averages well born what we had this season so far is well above the average. back to the bay area at 8:00 tomorrow morning. dry conditions. temperatures in the 40s by noon. clouds thickening and in the 50s lateafter noon. a mild day with highs up to 60 degrees or so. but the threat of showers in the north bay will be with us tomorrow. here is the accuweather ted. by the way, tomorrow is st. patrick's day. a chance of showers in the north bay. a great chance of rain areawide on friday, maybe even thundershowers on saturday. rain on sunday. mark the beginning of spring. showers on monday. and a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. it is going to be a soggy
9:51 pm
period after tomorrow morning. >> voice' going to rain -- so it's going to rain. >> appreciate it. all right, larry beil is here with all of the sports. >> what a bleak forecast. >> from such a sunny guy. >> i know. >> i will bring the sunshine. >> all right. >> and the happiness. >> all we can see. >> david lee hasn't exactly been the saviour that you expect3q
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>> brian: coming up tonight on abc 7 nows at 11:00 the desperate crunch to get out of japan. and austrian woman's anxious wait for word from her husband. he is in japan tonight trying to do whatever he can to help. hope you can join us tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. on to other matters tonight. larry is here with all of the sports. >> sunny, cheerful. nice change. unlike him. >> captain gloomy over here. the warriors stunned dallas in the we believe playoff series. the mavs are among the best in the west. montae ellis aah dicking for dancing with the stars here. i pre-- auditioning for dancing with the stars. shot 79% in the first quarter. no to you, i'll take that. warriors up 45-28.
9:55 pm
david lee 9 of his first 11 shots. dallas comes back. really hood. chandler throwing down. under five minutes left to gant mavs have taken the lead 98-96. the sacramento kings have two days left before the deadline to inform the nba of possible plans to move. it appears they going to anaheim. an attorney for the owners filed trademark registration for the name anaheim royals. the kings have been in sacramento for 26 years. college hoops. cal and 'ole miss. nit action. no problem, little guys taking over. gutierrez had 25 in the game. freshman ail lan crab. fen initialed with 20. 'ole miss hanging around. they have a little guy that can really play. 5'10" chris warren weaving hayes way through traffic. harper hits the 12 footer. cal by three. warren loses the handle.
9:56 pm
terence henry can't hit. 77-7. time runs out and cal advances to play colorado in round two of the nit. isyou know, president obama is a huge hoops fan. made his ncaa picks. duke, kansas, ohio state and pittsburgh with the jayhawks taking the title. >> after last year here is what happened. i picked north carolina and they won't and the next year they won for me. i think kansas will do the same thing. always feel bad about losing. >> a couple more ncaa playin games. usc and virginia commonwealth. off the turnover. rams on the run. rodriguez. 34-27. byu. that would have been for the lead and that was an air ball. next possession for the rams. nixon. nixon. bcu pulls away 59-46.
9:57 pm
they will meet georgetown in the second round. half the audience too old or too young to get the joke. here comes melle vin johnson iii. stop the wall. 29 johnson. road -- tyler woods for three at the buzzer. he's like i'm so bad you are not leaving me open. uc san antonio advance. are they face top seed, ohio state next. on to baseball. records in spring training just mean nothing. they are irdevelop rant. having said that the world champion giants have looked impressive this spring. an encouraged group of white sox today. >> this guy apartment team you won't recognize with us they played lastite. this team will either be on the finch bench or in triple-a so we will win one today. >> foregot that tim lincecum
9:58 pm
was pitching. swinging at it in the first and then in the fifth. lincecum five and a third. struck out seven. belt with three hits in the game. a triple shy of the cycle and the giants win it. aah huff played last night so he got a rest. more on the man who without up the "rally thong." >> sacrifice best. his first of the year. he appreciated the world series run more than any one last year. he led in homeruns and rbi and was rewarded with a two year $22 million deal which he claims won't change a thing. >> no, it's just money. take care of my business the
9:59 pm
same way i always do. leave it on the field. >> hart was a big part of the clubhouse. >> it as great group of guys. a great club has chemistry and i believe in it big. >> reporter: now, that he got a taste of the playoffs he wants more. >> i got a lot of making up to do from all the losing i have done. >> mike shumann,ing abc 7 sports. >> i tell you what, aubrey huff is so much fun. >> i'm glad he stuck around. >> for show. >> funny stuff. all right, thanks, larry. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for larry beil and spence spence t

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